The Family Center is proud to partner with the West Virginia Department of Education's "Feed to Achieve" program.

What is West Virginia Feed to Achieve?

West Virginia Feed to Achieve is a progressive piece of legislation and is the first of its kind in the nation. The need for the bill was simple: every child needs nutritious meals in order to achieve his or her potential. Due to high rates of poverty in our state, meals provided at school are often the only nutritious meals many children receive daily. West Virginia Feed to Achieve not only requires that every child is given the opportunity to eat two nutritious meals per school day, it also has allowed the West Virginia Office of Child Nutrition to secure funding that will support community programs that feed children while school isn't in session. West Virginia Feed to Achieve fills in the gaps when kids are most at risk for going hungry: after school, weekends, during the summer months, holidays and snow days.

Campers at the 2016 TFC Day Camp planning their daily menus. Each day two new campers are charged with planning, preparing and cooking their daily meals. Breakfast and Lunch are served. This year we fulfilled our motto "Building Relationships" with our new partner, the WVDE "Feed to Achieve" Program.

                           Cody Donelson serving "Chow" at Math Camp