Scenic Mountain Triathlon
July 14, 2019

The TFCARC will be providing communications for the Triathlon. Deni Pieri KE8IC is our Event Captain. We will be having a special meeting soon to coordinate our part in the event.

Camden on Gauley Days Festival
June 1, 2019

Special thanks to Jamie Acord WV8COG, Brandon Harden KE8DFD, Jerry Friend KE8ICY and to the town of Camden on Gauley for allowing us to take part in their festival.

We passed out Flyers, advertising that we wanted to teach a technician's Class in Webster County.

A very warm and personable community.

Autumn Knight, a 5th grader at Cherry River Elementary School, helping make contacts for the 2019 Ramp Festival Special Event Station April 13th at The Family Center in Richwood.

Jack Albert N9ITB
Jack Albert N9ITB Helping install our new Buddipole

Collins Companies Foundation Radios 

A big Thank You to the Collins Companies Foundation (Collins Hardwood) for our Emergency Back Pack radios that will help serve our community in times of emergencies and natural disasters. They will also be used for Triathlon and other events.

Wall Rack for Back Pack Radio Systems



9/9/2019 | Richwood WV 26261
Sponsor: W8TFC Family Center
Location: The Family Center
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM (Walk-ins allowed)
Class lasts approximately two (2) months