Each year for the past eighteen (18) years, five (5) $1,000 scholarships have been awarded to five well-deserving seniors at Richwood High School. The scholarships are given in Honor and Memory of Hugh and Nina Comstock of Richwood. Prior to WWII four boys and one girl were born to Hugh and Nina and each child graduated from Richwood High School. Hugh worked at the Cherry River Boom and Lumber Company as a carpenter and Nina (with the exception of working at G.C. Murphy’s during Christmas time) was a stay-at-home Mom. As each child graduated from high school they were highly encouraged by their Mother to continue their education by attending college. College tuition was relatively inexpensive in the 1950’s, but family funds were almost non-existent. For several years Hugh would go to the Cherry River National Bank to mortgage their home so that one or more of the kids could attend college. All five not only attended college, but each one graduated and went on to attain a degree of accomplishment in their lives that made their parents extremely proud.

Hugh Junior was the first child born. Junior contracted polio at the age of ten and attended Pittsburg University where he graduated with a degree in watch making. He went on to have a thriving jewelry and watchmaking store in Baltimore, MD and in Columbus, OH.

The next child was Lowell Comstock. After spending four years in the US Air Force, Lowell returned to his hometown and enrolled at Concord College pursuing a degree in Chemistry. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree at Concord, Lowell continued his education and received a Masters’ Degree in Chemistry at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Gene Comstock was the third son to be born. Upon graduating from high school, Gene enrolled at Concord College majoring in pre-medicine. After graduation from Concord, Gene enrolled in the Dentistry Program at WVU. Dr. Gene received his degree in Dentistry (the very first graduating class in Dentistry at WVU) and soon thereafter opened his Dental Practice in Winchester, VA.

Finally a girl. Joan Ellen arrives in the Comstock Family. Immediately after graduation from Richwood High School, Joan enrolled at Glenville College in pursuit of a degree in Secondary Education. After graduation from Glenville, Joan enrolled at WVU and received a Master of Education degree. Joan moved to Columbus, OH and gave over thirty years teaching mainly in Columbus intercity schools.

The final child born into the Comstock Family is Doug Comstock. Doug worked after school and on Saturday at the News Leader and the WV Hillbilly where he learned many skills from his Uncle Jim Comstock and Bronson McClung. Immediately after graduating from High School, he worked a year at the Gazette in Charleston. It was during this time he married his High School Sweetheart, Susan Haga of Fenwick. After that, Doug enlisted in the US Air Force where he was able to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Business at the University of Nebraska. In 1968, Doug was assigned to the Strategic Air Command where he began a career in a new field called “Computers” or what became known as Information Technology (IT). Soon after retiring from the Air Force, Doug received his Master of Computer Science degree and in 1983, formed Micah Systems, Inc., an IT company that became a multi-million-dollar corporation with over 300 employees providing Information Engineering services to both the Department of Defense and to commercial companies throughout the country. In the year 2000, Doug sold Micah Systems and he and his wife Susan retired to Florida. Doug and Susan are Snowbirds returning to Fenwick in the summertime.

Doug & Susan Comstock have chosen The Family Center in Richwood to administer the scholarships; however, Mr. Comstock personally selects all of the recipients. Interested Richwood High School seniors should go online to download the 2017 Hugh and Nina Comstock Family Scholarship Application at Microsoft Word Document or PDF.

When the application is completed, students may mail it in a large envelope that will accommodate 8 ½ X 11-inch paper without folding to:

Mr. Wally Howerton
P. O. Box 85
Richwood, WV 26261

Students may also scan and email their paperwork to Each applicant will be notified to meet for an interview with Wally. The deadline for postal and email submissions is Friday, March 31, 2017.